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Dental Assistant Registration

Registered Dental Assistants are auxilliary staff who are deemed "registered" when the dentist employer report their names on the 2013 Online Dental License Renewal this fall. 

The employer dentist will list the names of the employees who have been evaluated by the dentist as competent in one or all of the following areas:

  •  Coronal Polishing*
  •  Radiography*
  •  Delegated Duties
  •  IV Placement*

* in addition to the dentist employer's evaluation of competence, these areas require a certificate from a Board-Approved course to be kept on file at the office of the dentist.

If you are a dental assistant, you do not need to complete a registration.  You only become a "registered dental assistant" if your employer dentist lists your name on the 2013 Online Dental License Renewal.

If you are a dentist employer, no action needs to be taken until you complete your 2013 Online Dental License Renewal.

The former deadline for registration of July 15, 2011 was eliminated when the regulation was rewritten (see current regulation below).



Dental Assistant Training

Although various for profit schools offer courses related to training Dental Assistants, the Kentucky Dental Practice Act does not require graduation from any specific educational program to become a Dental Assistant.  Many Kentucky dentists offer on the job training for those interested in becoming a Dental Assistant.  The Kentucky Dental Practice Act does, however, have very specific educational and testing requirements for those desiring to be a Registered Dental Hygienist. 

For more information about Dental Assistants and Registered Dental Hygienists, please review the document below.

Dental Assistant Overview


Out of State Dental Assistants

If you are dental assistant trained in a state other than Kentucky, you must have your training evaluated to determine whether it meets or exceeds the requirements in Kentucky.  If you want to perform:  
     Coronal Polishing;
     Radiography; or
     IV Placement
you must submit documentation to the Board office which clearly shows:
     1. successful completion of the training;
     2. a course description with a breakdown showing how many hours were spent teaching each topic,
your name, current home address, phone number, and your email address.

The Board office will mail a letter that may be presented to your employer that confirms your training meets or exceeds Kentucky requirements.


Proof of Dental Assistant Registration

The Board office does not maintain documentation for Registered Dental Assistants.  Please review 201 KAR 8:571 above.  All documentation of approved training and certifications must be kept in the personnel file of the dentist employer

All dentists in Kentucky who employ Registered Dental Assistants must report the names of the assistants on their license renewal form, along with a designation of duties the assistant has been approved by the employer to perform, including:
     Coronal Polishing;
     Expanded Duties; and
     IV Placement.

Approved Course Guidelines

Please visit our Approved Courses webpage:




Supporting Documentation

Persons wanting to practice dental assisting in Kentucky must send supporting documentation to the Kentucky Board of Dentistry. 

Documentation can be sent by email, fax or USPS.


Last Updated 12/10/2013
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