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Advisory Opinions

​As the agency with jurisdiction, the Board has the authority to issue Advisory Opinions to interpret the statutes and regulations governing the practice of dentistry in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Prior to the law change on July 15, 2010, the Board issued many Opinions and Declaratory Rulings; as those rulings were interpretations of statutes and regulations that have now been repealed, any ruling dated before July 15, 2010 is no longer applicable law.

Individuals desiring the Board to interpret the new statutes and regulations that govern the practice of dentistry in Kentucky must submit the following documents, pursuant to 201 KAR 8:510.

  • Complete the Advisory Opinion Request Form that contains the contact information required by regulation.
  • Submit a written request for an advisory opinion, which must include a specific question or questions to be answered by the Board and may include supporting documentation.

The Board will post published Advisory Opinions on this web page; requests for reconsideration must be submitted within ten (10) working days of the publication of the opinion and in accordance with 201 KAR 8:510.

The Board office maintains an archive of declaratory rulings which are no longer applicable for research purposes only. Please contact the Board office if you wish to obtain a copy of an old declaratory ruling.

Published Opinions

At the November 12, 2011 the Kentucky Board of Dentistry meeting, the Board voted to adopt the previous Board Advisory Opinion addressing the use of Botox​ and dermal fillers until a new Advisory Opinion is drafted:

Advisory Opinion and Declaratory Ruling on Dermal Fillers

Under 201 KAR 8:550E, may a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) administer anesthesia and sedation at the facility of a treating dentist who holds the appropriate permit from the Kentucky Board of Dentistry?

Advisory Opinion 11-001