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General Supervision

​​​201 KAR 8:562 Section 12

Requirements for General Supervision Registration
  1. An individual licensed as a hygienist in Kentucky and not subject to disciplinary action who desires to practice under general supervision shall:
    • Complete the General Supervision Registration Application;
    • Meet the requirements of KRS 313.040(7)(a);
    • Document through payroll records, employment records, or other proof that is independently verifiable the dates and hours of employment by a dentist in the practice of dental hygiene that demonstrate the required two (2) years and 3,000 hours of experience;
    • Successfully complete a live three (3) hour course approved by the board in the identification and prevention of potential medical emergencies that shall include, at a minimum, the following topics:
      • Medical history, including American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) classifications of physical status;
      • Recognition of common medical emergency situations, symptoms, and possible outcomes;
      • Office emergency protocols; and
      • Prevention of emergency situations during dental treatments.
  2. An individual authorized to practice under these provisions shall receive a license from the board indicating registration to practice under general supervision.
  3. A dentist who employs a dental hygienist who has met the standards of this administrative regulation and who allows the dental hygienist to provide dental hygiene services pursuant to KRS 313.040(7) shall complete a written order prescribing the dental service or procedure to be done to a specific patient by the dental hygienist and shall retain the original order in the patient's dental record.
  4. The minimum requirements for the written order shall include:
    • ​Medical history update;
    • Radiographic records requested;
    • Dental hygiene procedures requested;
    • Name of the patient;
    • Date of last oral examination;
    • Date of the written order; and
    • Signature of the dentist
  5. The oral examination of the patient by the supervising dentist shall have been completed within the seven (7) months preceding treatment by the dental hygienist practicing under general supervision.
  6. The supervising dentist shall evaluate and provide to the board written validation of an employed dental hygienist's skills necessary to perform dental hygiene services established in KRS 313.040(7) as part of the General Supervision Registration Application.
  7. The supervising dentist shall provide a written protocol addressing the medically compromised patients who may or may not be treated by the dental hygienist. The dental hygienist shall only treat patients who are in the ASA Patient Physical Status Classification of ASA I or ASA II as listed in Guidelines for Teaching Pain Control and Sedation to Dentists and Dental Students, 2007 Edition, American Dental Association.
  8. A licensed dental hygienist shall not practice under general supervision if the licensee does not hold a general supervision registration issued by the board.

General Supervision Registration Application

A hygienist must submit a separate application and $50 fee for each dentist for whom she wishes to practice general supervision.

A refresher course in Medical Emergencies shall be completed by a dental hygienist every two years to maintain general supervision privileges.

Two Year Refresher Course

To maintain general supervision privileges, a registered dental hygienist shall successfully complete a live three hour refresher course approved by the board in the identification and prevention of potential medical emergencies.

KRS 313.040

Pertinent selections to general supervision privileges from KRS 313.040
Administrative regulations governing dental hygienists

Read the full KRS 313.040 for more details.