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Statutes & Regulations

​T​he practice of dentistry and dental hygiene is primarily regulated at the state level in the form of professional licensure. In Kentucky, that authority is granted to the Bo​ard of Dentistry under Chapter 313 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS). This particular chapter of state law establishes the Board, defines its role, scope, and authority, then delegates to it most of the actual rulemaking.

This rulemaking is conducted through the administrative regulations process, which authorizes the Board to fill in the broad framework of KRS 313 (also known as the Dental Practice Act) with specific requirements and processes. The regulations established by the Board of Dentistry are found in Title 201, Chapter 8 of the Kentucky Adm​inistrative Regulations (KAR) and have the force of law. 

KBD Statutes

KBD Regulations​

Other Statutes​​ & Regulations

Please be aware that while KRS 313 and 201 KAR 8 are home to the requirements specific to oral health practitioners, other statutes and regulations will also apply based one's status as a prescriber, employer, or other r​egulated entity. For example, KRS 218A​​ regulates controlled substances for all prescribers in Kentucky, including dentists. Although the following list is​ provided as a resource to licensees, it should not be c​ons​idered comprehensive. It is your responsibility to know which rules apply to you.​​​


  • KRS​ 12.355​ Renewal of Professional License Held ​by Active Duty Member of Armed Forces​
  • KRS 218A​ Controlled Substances Act​
  • KRS 422.317 Copies of Medical Records
  • KRS 438.065 Advertising or Solicitin​g by Practitioner of Healing Arts
  • KRS 620.030 Duty to report ​​dependency, neglect, abuse​


Advisory Opinions

KRS 313.021 authorizes the Board of Dentistry to issue formal advisory opinions that interpret the statutes and regulations under the Board's jurisdiction. Further, 201 KAR 8:510 establishes procedures for the submission, consideration, and disposition of public requests for advisory opinions.

Published Opinions

Please note that while advisory opinions represent ​formal positions held by the B​oard, they are not specifically codified in regulation or statute and, therefore, do not necessarily carry the force of law.

  • Advisory Opinion 21-01 - Opinion and declaratory ruling on the provision of vaccinations as dentistry (Issued July 28, 2021)
  • Advisory Opinion 07-01/11-02 - Opinion and declaratory ruling on the placement of dermal fillers as dentistry (Originally issued 08/08/2007 and reaffirmed 11/12/2011)
  • Advisory Opinion 11-01 - Opinion and declaratory ruling on CRNAs administering anesthesia at a facility of a treating denti​st  (Issued 03/29/2011 but superseded by current version of 201 KAR 8:550)​​

Can't find what you're looking for? Advisory opinions issued before 2010 were superseded by major revisions to the Dental Practice Act. Please submit an open records request for older documents​.