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Statutes & Regulations

The practice of dentistry is primarily regulated at the state level in the form of professional licensure. In Kentucky, that authority is granted to the Board of Dentistry under Chapter 313 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes. This particular chapter of state law establishes the Board, defines its role, scope, and authority, then delegates to it most of the rulemaking.

This rulemaking is conducted through the administrative regulations process, which authorizes the Board to fill in the broad framework of KRS 313 with specific requirements and processes. The regulations established by the Board of Dentistry are found in Title 201, Chapter 8 of the Kentucky Administrative Regulations and have the force of law. 

Please be aware that, while KRS 313 and 201 KAR 8 are home to the requirements specific to oral health professionals, other statutes and regulations will also apply based on a licensee's status as a prescriber, employer or other regulated authority. For example, KRS 218A regulates the prescribing of controlled substances for any medical professional authorized to prescribe in Kentucky, including dentists. It is your responsibility to know which rules apply to you.



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