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Mobile Dentistry



​New rules are in effect for mobile dentistry providers. As of March 2023, mobile dental facilities and portable dental units being used to treat patients in Kentucky must be registered with the Board. This new rule is part of 201 KAR 8.601, which was recently proposed by the Board and approved by requisite legislative committees.​

A mobile dental facility is defined as a self-contained mobile structure, typically a van or modified RV, in which dentistry is practiced and that can be towed, moved, or transporte​d from one location to another. A portable dental unit, however, means any portable storage structure, such as a trailer, in which dental equipment is transported and used on a temporary basis at an out-of-office location. Anything that falls under either definition must have an active registration from the Board, a copy of which should be displayed in the unit/facility. Registration will be good for u​p to two years and will follow the same renewal calendar as dental hygienists, who renew their licenses by the end of every even-numbered year.

Each unit/facility must operate under the supervision of a Kentucky-licensed dentist the same as if it were a traditional clinic. Mobile operators must also have an agreement with a fixed dental office wi​thin seventy miles of the treatment location that will accept referrals for follow up and emergency care. Further, patients treated in a mobile environment must be provided with diagnosis, treatment, and referral information at the conclusion of their visit.​

State public health initiatives are exempt from this regulation in total, whereas mobile facilities and portable units used exclusively for charitable work are only exempt from paying the registration or renewal fees.  




To apply for registration, use the following application:

Application for Mobile Dentistry Registration 

To read the mobile dentistry regulation in full:

Q: Why do mobile dental providers need to register with the Board?

A: This regulation was developed to address concerns about transient oral health providers who administer only basic, easily reimbursable services and then essentially disappear without providing any follow up care or referral information. The registration requirement is designed to maximize public protection without hin​dering access to care.​ 

Q: Our mobile unit treats patients very rural areas. What if there is not a fixed dental office nearby to refer patients?
A: Mobile providers who are unable to obtain a signed agreement from a brick-and-mortar clinic within 70 miles of the treatment location may apply for an accommodation from the Board.

Q: What are the fees associated with registering a mobile dental facility or portable dental units?
A: The initial application fee is $150 (payable to the Kentucky Board of Dentistry) for each facility/unit and the biennial renewal fee is $75. Nonprofit organizations engaged exclusively in charitable work are exempt from the fees but must still be registered. 

Q: Do I inform the Board if new dentists or dental hygienists are added to the mobile team?
A: Yes. The registration holder shall notify the board within 30 days of any changes to the information provided on the initial application, including the names of participating licensees.

Q: What happens if I sell or discontinue use of a mobile facility/portable unit? 
A: If a mobile dental facility or portable dental unit changes ownership, the prior registration becomes invalid and a separate application must be submitted by the new owner. If a facility/unit ceases operations, the owner must notify the Board within 30 days of the last date of operation and report on the disposition of patient records.

Q: When do I need to renew my registration?
A: Registrations for all mobile dental facilities and portable dental units expire on Dec. 31 of every even-numbered year, and must be renewed before that time to remain active. The next open renewal period will be Oct. through Dec. of 2024.​​​​​