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Dentist Renewal

​​​​​​​​​​Check this page for 2020-21 dentist license renewal information through February 2020.

All dental license​s issued by the Kentucky Board of Dentistry expire on December 31 of odd numbered years.


To be eligible for renewal of your dental license

  • Meet the minimum continuing education requirements outlined in 201 KAR 8:532 Section 9
  • Maintain with no more than a thirty (30) day lapse CPR certification which meets or exceeds the guidelines set by the American Heart Association
  • Fulfill 3  continuing education hours for House Bill 1.​


Sedation Facility Renewal


Please complete one of the following forms​ to change information to the practice’s Sedation or Anesthesia Permit Facility Certificate.

Renew Sedation License  or   ​Download Form and mail to​ the office​

Kentucky Board of Dentistry
312 Whittington Parkway, Suite 101
Louisville, Kentucky 40222


If you no longer desire to hold an active Kentucky license, you must notify the Board of your intent to retire your license by submitting a completed and signed Retirement of License Form

Retirement of License Form

A license can not be retired that has pending disciplinary action against it.

Failure to properly retire a license may result in disciplinary action for practicing dentistry on an expired license or may make you ineligible to reinstate your license.


To reinstate a dental license, please submit the following application, along with the documentation described in the instruction checklist below.

Official Copy of License

Please complete the Verification of Licensure form along with $40 by check or money order, then mail both to;


Kentucky Board of Dentistry
312 Whittington Parkway, Suite 101
Louisville, Kentucky 40222

Patient Records

The information below is only meant to be a summary of 201 KAR 8:540. For information regarding how long a dentist is required to keep patient records, please reference 201 KAR 8:540

Minimum Documentation Standards for all Dental Patients

  • Must be kept for a minimum of 7 years
  • 2 years following a patient's death
  • The dentist shall keep accurate, readily accessible, and complete records which include:
    • The patient’s name;
    • The patient’s date of birth;
    • The patient’s medical history and documentation of the physical exam of the oral and perioral tissues;
    • The date of treatment;
    • The tooth number, surfaces, or areas to be treated;
    • The material used in treatment;
    • Local or general anesthetic used, the type, and the amount;
    • Sleep or sedation dentistry medications used, the type, and the amount;
    • Diagnostic, therapeutic, and laboratory results, if any;
    • The findings and recommendations of the dentist and a description of each evaluation or consultation, if any;
    • Treatment objectives;
    • All medications, including date, type, dosage, and quantity prescribed or dispensed; and
    • Any post treatment instructions.

​Final Impressions

Only licensed dentists are permitted to take final impressions by any method, including, but not limited to, analog and digital methods, to construct dental restorations. Dental hygienists and dental assistants are not permitted to take final impressions in Kentucky.

Administering Botox or Other Dermal Fillers

Dentists are permitted to administer Botox or other dermal fillers so long as they are competently trained and administer it to treat "deficiencies of the oral cavity and adjacent associated structures."

Americans With Disabilities

Dentists are required to provide a sign language interpreter for deaf and hearing impaired patients. Learn more about ADA for Health Care Providers

  1. Sterilization effectiveness. You must have a routine verification that the autoclave sterilization method is functioning properly (ie. spore test). This is required under 201 KAR 8:540 (The CDC Guidelines) for infection control.
  2. Machine is safe. Autoclaves are inspected for safety and construction by a different Cabinet of Kentucky State Government, not the Board of Dentistry. Autoclaves are boilers and the Public Protection Cabinet, Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction, Boiler Inspec​tions regulates this area. See KRS Chapter 236 and 815 KAR Chapter 15.

Active Military

KRS 12.355 (2) provides provisions for Active Duty members of the Armed Forces while practicing Dentistry within Kentucky. Fees are waived for Activity Duty members that meet the requirements of KRS 12.355 (2).

Please review KRS 12.355 (2) for more details.​​

2020-2021 Active Duty Military Renewal Affidavit.pdf