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Dentist License Renewal


License Renewal for 2022-23

All dentist license​s issued by the Kentucky Board of Dentistry expire on December 31 of every odd numbered year (hygienists renew in even numbered years). Therefore, dentists who wish​ to maintain their current license for 2022-23 should have done so by the end of 2021. Failure to renew on time will result in reinstatement penalties as well as potential disciplinary action for practicing without a license. Properly renewed licenses will be active from Jan. 1, 2022 through Dec. 31, 2023.

What should I do if I did not renew my license in time?

If your license has lapsed and you wish to have it reinstated, please access the renewal portal below. For a limited time, licensees will be able to renew their license online by paying the reinstatement penalties described in 201 KAR 8:520.  


UPDATE - On  Dec. 18, 2021, the Board approved a three month extension of continuing education requirements for licensees affected by the tornadoes in Western Kentucky. This extension applies to the 30 hours of general CE as well as for CPR, ACLS, sedation training, or any other educational requirements associated with renewing/maintaining a license, permit or registration. Simply contact the office to request the temporary waiver. Please ​note that this extension applies only to continuing education, not the license itself. The license renewal deadline remains unchanged.

​​​What Should I Know About License Renewal?

Continuing Education

Dentists must have earned 3​0 hours of continuing education in 2020-21 to properly renew their​ license. At least ten of those hours must be taken in a live interactive format and at least twenty hours must focus on clinical skills and knowledge. CPR certification should also be maintained and does not count toward the 30 hours. Further, all dentists authorized to prescribe controlled substances in Kentucky must obtain three hours of CE in KASPER, pain managem​ent, or addiction disorders prior to renewing their license. These may be included in the 30 required hours above and are not additional hours. See the Continuing Education page for more information.


License Retirement

Rather than simply allowing it to expire, dentists who no longer wish to hold an ​active Kentucky license should formally retire it by submitting a Retirement of License Form. This not only allows the Board to accurately record your status, it is also easier to get reinstated if you ever decide to practice in Kentucky again.

​​Retirement o​f License Form


Active Duty Military

State law exempts active duty military personnel from paying license renewal fees. However, federal rules require professional licenses held by members of the military to be unrestricted (i.e. fully equivalent to licenses held by non-military). Therefore, check with your branch of service to determine its policy regarding fee waivers. To renew your fee exempt license, please submit the following affidavit in lieu of the renewal portal above. Those who want to voluntarily pay the fee should still use the online portal.​

If you are deployed overseas during th​​e renewal period, you may renew your license as usual or wait until you are reassigned to the United States. Kentucky law gives you 90 days after your return to request t​he renewal of your license.


Other Renewal Types 

Specialty Licenses

The renewal requirements for specialty licenses are no different than for general dentist licenses. Therefore, specialists should renew in the same manner as general dentists, using the renewal portal above.

Sedation Permits

Sedation permits held by dentists will be renewed along with dentist licenses via the renewal portal​. In addition to the general continuing education requirements, sedation permit holders must have at least four ​hours of clinical sedation training every two years. Certification in ACLS (for adult sedation) and/or PALS (for pediatric sedation) must also be maintained for sedation​ permits. See the Continuing Education page​ for details.


Sedation Facility Certificates

Operators of facilities where moderate sed​ation or deep sedation/general anesthesia is performed should use the following portal to renew their sedation facility certificate before March 1, 2022. Please note that this a different portal link and deadline than for license renewal, which is a separate​ process. See the Sedation and Anesthesia page for details.