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Approved Courses

​Online Courses

The requirement for “live interactive presentation format” continuing education hours found in 201 KAR 8:532 Section 9(3) and 201 KAR 8:562 Section 5(3), may include online courses if the participant licensee can ask the presenter questions in real time and receive the answers back in real time, either via:

  • Live video - the participant can see and be seen by the speaker in real time; or
  • Live audio - the participant can hear and be heard in real time.

Courses Requiring Board Approval

  • Anesthesia safety and emergency procedures (required for renewal of a dentist's sedation or anesthesia permit)
  • Refresher courses for dentists and dental hygienists who have not actively practiced in two calendar years (required to obtain a license or resume practice)
  • Refresher courses for either block anesthesia, infiltration anesthesia, or nitrous oxide analgesia for dental hygienists (required if not administered in the last year)
  • Live medical emergencies courses (required for dental hygienists to obtain or maintain general supervision registration)
  • Courses to start intravenous access line (required for IV line registration for dental hygienists or registered dental assistants)
  • Laser debridement for dental hygienists (required for laser use registration)
  • Coronal polishing courses for registered dental assistants (required to perform coronal polishing)
  • X-ray safety and technique courses (required for registered dental assistants)

Approved Course List

The spreadsheet linked to below contains the courses that have already been approved by the Board. To request approval for courses not on this list, please contact Shimada Hazley ( 

Individuals that are interested in courses on the list must contact the provider directly for additional information.