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​Dentist License Renewal Now Open

Dentist license renewal for the 2024-25 licensure period is now open. ​All dentist license​s issued by the Kentucky Board of Dentistry expire on Dec. 31 of ever​y odd numbered year. Therefore, dentists who wish​ to maintain an active license should renew by the end of 2023.​ Visit the license renewal page​ for more information or click on the renewal portal below to begin the renewal process.

Dentist License Renewal Portal​

In addition to dental licenses, sedation facility certificates also expire at the end of 2023 and should be renewed in order for a location to continue hosting procedures that require the administration of moderate sedation​ or deep sedation/general anesthesia.  

Sedation Facility Certificate Renewal Portal

​Dental Lab Renewals Past Due

The registration renewal period for commercial dental laboratories ended on July 31, 2023. All dental lab registrations issued by the ​Board of Dentistry that were not recently renewed have now expired. Dental labs that wish to continue doing business in Kentucky must reinstate their registration and pay t​he appropriate late penalties. Click on the button below to access the renewal portal or visit the Dental Labs page for more information.

Registration N​​ow Required for Mobile Dentistry

The recently approved administrative regulation 201 KAR 8:601​ establishes requirement​s for operating as a mobile dentistry provider in Kentucky. Mobile dental facilities a​nd portable dental unit​s must now register with the Board and follow certain patient protocols. For more information or to register a mobile facility/portable unit, visit the Mobile Dentistry page.

U​​​​​pdates to Administrative Regulations

The Board of Dentistry is required by law to review its regulations at least every seven years. Three of these regulations recently received final approval while two others are still in the review process:

201 KAR 8.016 - The regulation governing dental laboratories received minor edits to clarify existing language but no policy changes were made. Dental lab operators should not experience any changes as a result of this update.

201 KAR 8.520 - This regulation provide​s for the various monetary assessments issued by the Board. Aside from creating a small fee for charitable licenses, this new version keeps ​all other fees unchanged. The vast majority of licensees are unaffected by this change.

201 KAR 8.571 - Much like the dental laboratory rule, the administrative regulation for dental assistants was reviewed and lightly revised for clarity but no substantive changes were made from the previous version. ​

201 KAR 8.533 - This regulation covers the various licensing processes for dentists in Kentucky, including qualifications for initial licensure as well as license renewal and reinstatement. 201 KAR 8.533 is currently still in the review process.

201 KAR 8.563 - Like the previous regulation, the licensing rules governing dental hygienists is also currently under review.




Mandatory e-Prescribing of Controlled Substances in Effect

As part of the Kentucky Controlled Substances Act, KRS 218A.182 requires electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS), meaning that with few exceptions, paper prescriptions are no longer allowed. This applies to practitioners regardless of practice size, quantity of prescriptions issued, or type of charting system. Prescribers can choose to purchase a standalone prescribing solution or one associated with an electronic health record (EHR) servi​ce. For more information, visit the KASPER page or contact the Help Desk.​



New Applicant Status Updates

Click on the button below to download the status update for new dentist and dental hygienist license applicants.



​​​​​​​​​About the Board of Dentistry

The Kentucky Board of Dentistry is a state agency governed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It's mission is to protect the public by licensing qualified dental health professionals and regulating the practice of dentistry through administration of the Dental Practice Act. The Board is self-supporting and receives no outside government appropriations. 

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