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COVID-19 State of Emergency Expires

On March 22, 2022, the General Assembly approved final passage of SJR 150, which officially ended the COVID-related state of emergency in Kentucky. While licensees may return to practicing under pre-pandemic conditions, they can and should continue use to their professional judgment to follow the protocols they deem appropriate for their unique staff and patient environment.

The passage of SJR 150 also marks the end of the board's suspension of 201 KAR 8.562​Section 12(5), which requires a dentist examination within seven months of treatment by a dental hygienist practicing under general supervision. The original seven month rule is now back into effect and practitioners should adjust their schedules accordingly to maintain compliance.  ​



Proposed New Administrative Regulation Filed

The Board of Dentistry has filed a new proposed regulation with the Legislative Research Commission. 201 KAR 008:600​ would establish requirements for operating a mobile dental facility or portable dental unit in Kentucky, including registration with the board.​



Proposed Revisions to Existing Regulations Filed

201 KAR 8:520 Fees & Fines - This revision will clarify existing language, establish a small fee for charitable licenses, and create penalties for the late renewal of sedation fac​ilities and dental laboratories. However, the vast majority of licensees will be unaffected by these changes. All pre-existing fees, however, including those for license application and renewal, will remain unchanged.

201 KAR 8.550 Anesthesia and Sedation​ - The revise​d language would require operating dentists to have ACLS for adult patients and/or PALS for pediatric patients. It also clarifies that sedation facility certificate holders must also have a sedation permit and that dentists shall report sedation related deaths or hospitalizations to the board regardless of who actually administered the sedation.

Public comments for both proposed revisions will be accepted by the board ​through June 30, 2022.


KBD is Now Working withCE Broker Logo.jpg

The Kentucky Board of Dentistry is now using CE Broker as its official continuing education record keeper. Licensees automatically have access to a free Basic account, where you can record your course history and view your CE compliance status. You will never have to pay to access all of the necessary tools to renew your license. Registering with CE Broker to record your continuing education is not mandatory but is strongly recommended. Click below to learn more!

 KBD Continuing Education Page                       CE Broker Account Setup Page



Mandatory e-Prescribing of Controlled Substances in Effect

As part of the Kentucky Controlled Substances Act, KRS 218A.182 requires electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS), meaning that with few exceptions, paper prescriptions are no longer allowed. This applies to practitioners regardless of practice size, quantity of prescriptions issued, or type of charting system. Although the Drug Enforcement and Professional Practices Branch of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services has yet to begin enforcing the law with fines and penalties, it is also no longer accepting extension requests except for in extraordinary situations. In other words, time is running out to get into compliance.

Prescribers can choose to purchase either a standalone prescribing solution, which is available at minimal cost using a computer or mobile device, or one associated with an electronic health record (EHR) service. If you have an EHR system that is not currently EPCS certified, please contact your vendor to determine how to implement EPCS.

For more information about the EPCS mandate, visit the cabinet's KASPER page or contact the Help Desk.

 Kentucky ECPS Mandate Details


Do You Have a KOG Account?

Prescribers in Kentucky must be able to access KASPER via the secure Kentucky Online Gateway (KOG) portal to be compliant with current regulations. Prescribing dentists are encouraged to register for a KOG account as soon as possible. If you have questions, contact the KOG Help Desk at 502-564-0104 or

KOG Registration Page


New Applicant Status Updates

Click on the button below to download the status update for new dentist and dental hygienist license applicants.



​​​​​​​​​About the Board of Dentistry

The Kentucky Board of Dentistry is a state agency governed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Board's mission is to protect the public by licensing qualified dental professionals and regulating the practice of dentistry through administration of the Dental Practice Act. The Board is self-supporting and receives no outside government appropriations. It is funded through fees assessed for licensing dental professionals.​

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