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Sedation & Anesthesia Permits

Sedation or Anesthesia Permits

​​In July 2020, new rules for sedation dentistry took effect. The Kentucky Board of Dentistry now issues the following permits:

  • Moderate Sedation (adult and/or pediatric)
  • Deep Sedation or General Anesthesia (adult and/or pediatric)
For more information, please review 201 KAR 8:550 Sedation and Anesthesia

What if I already have a sedation permit?

The new regulations streamline Kentucky's sedation dentistry permit categories. The previous permit types are affected as follows:

  • Minimal Pediatric Sedation – This category has been eliminated. A permit will no longer be required to provide minimal pediatric sedation.
  • Moderate Pediatric Sedation – This permit has been consolidated with the other moderate sedation categories and no new permits of this type will be issued. However, it will remain active for existing permit holders until it expires on Dec. 31, 2021, at which point it must be renewed as a Moderate Sedation (adult and/or pediatric) permit.  

  • Moderate Enteral Sedation – Same as above. 
    • Moderate Parenteral Sedation – Same as above.

    • Deep Sedation or General Anesthesia – This permit type remains unchanged except that we will identify if the permit is for adult and/or pediatric patients.

    If you need to add or delete a location associated​ with your license, please complete the Sedation or Anesthesia Permit Location Notification Form.

    ​Sedation or Anesthesia Facility Certificates

    A facility certificate is required for any location in which a qualified dentist administers moderate sedation, deep sedation, or general anesthesia. Please note that this is a separate requirement from the sedation permit - the permit ensures the dentist has the required training, the certificate ensures the location has the required equipment and facilities. As of July 2020, an inspection is no longer required to receive a facility certificate. However, as per 201 KAR 8:550, Section 12, the owner or operator shall attest in the application that the facility meets the minimum standards for certification. 

    Sedation or Anesthesia Forms