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Sedation & Anesthesia Permits

​​201 KAR 8:550 Sedation and Anesthesia

Sedation Permit Requirements

​Sedation or Anesthesia Permit Applications

If you need to add or delete a location associated​ with your license, please complete the Sedation or Anesthesia Permit Location Notification Form.

Facility Inspections

It is extremely important that sedation facility inspection appointments are not cancelled or rescheduled.

Please insure you have every item on the checklist at your office before you schedule an appointment and check your calendar carefully before you confirm the date and time with the inspector.

Inspection Checklists

Do not schedule patients for sedation until after your facility has passed inspection.

AED Requirement

201 KAR 8:550, only dentists who perform general anesthesia/deep sedation and moderate sedation would be required to have an automated external defibrillator in their office. General Dentists and Minimal Sedation permit holders would not be required to have an AED