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Frequently Asked Questions

Are registered dental hygienists or dental assistants permitted to take final impressions?

Only licensed dentists are permitted to take final impressions by any method, including, but not limited to, analog and digital methods, to construct dental restorations. Dental hygienists and dental assistants are not permitted to take final impressions in Kentucky.

Are dentists permitted to administer Botox or other dermal fillers?

Dentists are permitted to administer Botox or other dermal fillers so long as they are competently trained and administer it to treat "deficiencies of the oral cavity and adjacent associated structures."

Are dentists required to provide a sign language interpreter for deaf/hearing impaired patients?

Yes. ADA Questions and Answers for Health Care Providers

What are the requirements for my autoclave?

There are two answers.

  1. Sterilization effectiveness. You must have a routine verification that the autoclave sterilization method is functioning properly (ie. spore test). This is required under 201 KAR 8:540 (The CDC Guidelines) for infection control.
  2. Machine is safe. Autoclaves are inspections for safety and construction by a different Cabinet of Kentucky State Government, not the Board of Dentistry. Autoclaves are boilers and the Public Protection Cabinet, Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction, Boiler Inspections regulates that area. See KRS Chapter 236 and 815 KAR Chapter 15.

Are CO2 lasers approved for use by registered dental hygienists?

No. At the may 10, 2014 board meeting, the board agreed that the use of co2 lasers for debridement by registered dental hygienists in Kentucky is not authorized under the Kentucky practice act in response to an informal inquiry.​